What is a discount dental plan?

Discount dental plans are easy-to-use and hassle-free solutions for individuals and families looking to save money on their dental care needs. Discount plans are not insurance but instead offer access to dental services at a discounted rate from participating dentists for a monthly or annual charge. You simply pay and the dentist simply provides a discount at the time of the procedure.

How can I join the dental plan?
Simply sign up over the phone or visit our office to receive your membership information. For assistance joining our plan please call us at (786) 393 - 6873.

Can I coordinate my dental insurance with a Complete Dental Plan?

Even if you already have dental insurance, the discounts offer by Complete Dental Plan may be used along with your insurance plan for even more savings on your dental care.  Please consult with a participating dentist before beginning treatment to verify if they can coordinate our discount plan with your current insurance plan.

What types of dental services are offered?

Complete Dental Plan offers discounts on a wide range of dental procedures including: exams, x-rays, cleanings, crowns and dentures. The plan also offers discounts on specialty services like Orthodontics, Endodontic, Periodontics and Oral Surgery.

If you have, or are considering, the Complete Dental Plan, click here to learn more about the plan benefits.

How do I add or change enrollment for me and/or family?
For enrollment questions, please contact our Member Services at (786) 393 - 6873

How do I pay my Membership Fee?

 For your convenience we have two payment options, you can make a one-time annual payment or pay month by month your membership.

How do I obtain an ID Card?
It's easy! Call us at (786) 393 - 6873 and you will receive your ID card in 7 business days. As soon as you receive your ID card you are be able to visit us in any of our location.

How do I use the plan?
Present your Membership ID# to any participating dentist. Instead of paying the dentist’s usual fee you’ll pay the discounted fee instead!

How do I find a doctor?

Visit our provider page to find a participating dentist in your area. For more information about participating dentists in the area please call us at (786) 393 - 6873.

Do I receive discounts if I receive treatment from an out-of-network dentist?
Members must always see a participating dentist to receive the discounts associated with Complete Dental Plan. To find a dental provider in your area, click here.

How do I report a concern?

If you have any question or need information, simply call our Member Services at (786) 393 - 6873. Our representatives are available to address any concerns during our regular business hours, which are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

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