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Procedure Description Average Fee Complete Dental Plan Fee
Comprenhensive Oral Evaluation 48 No Charge
X-Ray-Intaoral-complete series (includen bitewings) 95 No Charge
Panoramic film(Not to replace FMX) 76 20
Resin-base-composite 1 surface, anterior 101 45
Resin-base-composite 1 surface, posterior 121 70
Crown porcelain fused to high nobel metal 821 499
Complete denture - mandibular 899 325
Complete denture - maxilar 899 325

Dental procedures can add up, especially when you have more than one smile to care for. Complete Dental Plan is built to save you money in all your family's dental care needs while giving you access to enhanced services.




Complete Dental Plan provides a cost-effective dental care alternative for people with or without dental insurance. Customers can save up to 60% on covered dental procedures by a participating dentist. Is an easy and reliable way to help you save money on your dental care.

You can use Complete Dental Plan anytime you want to get discounts, unlike dental insurance there are no waiting periods to satisfy, you can use your plan all year long.

Joining our plan is very easy! Call us at (786) 393 - 6873 to join and receive your ID card in 7 business days. As soon as you receive your ID card you can visit any of our participating providers, show them your discount card and in turn receive a reduced rate on their services.

Plan Highlights:

  • Most diagnostic & preventive care at no charge
  • Orthodontia treatment covered at 50% discount
  • Members can start using the plan as soon as they receive their ID cards
  • No claim forms to file or waiting for reimbursement
  • No age or pre-existing condition limitations
  • No annual maximum, no deductibles
  • No hidden charges

Review the Complete Dental Plan Benefits for a completed list of covered services, exclusions and limitations.

Easy to Understand Dental Plan Fees

Members have the flexibility of choosing how they want to pay the membership fee; they can pay month-to-month, with a small one-time setup fee of only $30, or they can select an annual payment option. Complete Dental Plan fees are just $71.88 per year for individuals, $119.88 for couples and $239.88 for the whole family.

Savings for You and Your Family

Save 20% to 60%  on most dental procedures including routing and oral evaluations and major work such as root canals and crowns. By the end of the first dental visit you will have saved enough to cover your dental services for the year.

Services Include: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant and Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontic (Root Canal), Periodontics (Gum Treatment), and Oral Surgery.

Payment options: Monthly or Annual.




Plan overview and benefits at your fingertips!