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Complete Dental Plan Highlights:

  • No paperwork hassle - Plan members just present their membership card to receive discounts on the dental services, no claims to file or pay
  • No health restrictions, everyone qualifies
  • No deductibles or annual maximum - Our plan members enjoy discounts all year long
  • Discounts on most dental care services, including Orthodontia and preventive services
  • You choose your own doctor from Complete Dental Plan list of participating providers
Significant savings at the
dentist office
Use plan as often as you wish,
no limits or restrictions
Discounts available to
Individuals and/or families

With Complete Dental Plan you can enjoy quality dental care with the security of knowing that you will not have any hidden fees or surprises at the dentist office. 

Complete Dental Plan is a licensed Discount Dental Plan Organization (DMPO) regulated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation designed to provide quality dental services to its members at a reasonable prices.

Founded and owned by a family of dentists with extensive experience in the dental field and excellent historical record of success. Complete Dental Plan is proud to offer affordable dental care to its members with the highest standards of care.  We know the importance of maintaining a good oral health and how oral diseases can affect your overall health, with our plan you'll have access to treatment that emphasizes prevention and early detection of dental disease without having to worry about the dental care costs.

Take the first step to protect and preserve your family’s smile and overall health and start saving on your dental services immediately.

Why Complete Dental Plan?

Affordable Dental Care for Every Family